Additional Services

Family Resources & Advocacy

Milestones offers a variety of parent resources and training sessions. Many parents have questions about certain services, resources, and treatment types. Resource groups will be offered periodically on requested topics to help families get connected and obtain the understanding needed on the topic.

Maneuvering the early intervention and special education process can be intimidating. Many parents feel uninformed and under prepared. Milestones has advocacy services available to help.


Social Skills & Other Group Services

Social skills groups are used to teach ways to appropriately interact with peers. Our groups are limited to approximately five children. Primary components include role-play, instruction and practice.

Other groups offered include groups focused on reading, writing, and picky eating. A separate group brochure will be available when groups are being offered.


Behavior Consultations

There are four essential parts for fostering change in a child’s behavior patterns and helping them toward success. A behavior consultation may be beneficial to address toilet training, socialization, play skills, community skills, and behavior modification.

  • A provider who can guide you through the process. Getting help from someone with experience and knowledge in addressing challenging behaviors is an essential first step.
  • Identify the function of the behavior. It is especially useful in helping to identify the function of the behvior. There are four reasons that any of us behave: attention, escape/avoidance, access to a tangible item, and automatic reinforcement.
  • Provide a replacement behavior. As a part of the plan, a replacement behavior should be determined and guidance on implementation provided.
  • Provide reinforcement for appropriate behavior. A specific plan for providing reinforcement for use of a replacement behavior and any other desired behaviors is essential.

Milestones has a Behavior Consultant available to help families navigate challenging behaviors. The initial meeting is offered at no cost and will consist of observing your child and discussing parent concerns.


Parent Information & Training Sessions

Milestones offers a variety of parent information and training sessions. These offerings address some of the issues confronting the families we work with everyday. If we do not have the professionals to provide the training we will coordinate with an outside resource. Sessions are adapted to the particular needs of participants in regard to the format, time available, and level of involvement. All parent workshops and training are held at our office and are offered at no cost.


Adaptive Martial Arts

Milestones is excited to announce a new one-of-a-kind program! Milestones Pediatric Therapy Center is working closely with Bedford Martial Arts Academy to combine the knowledge and skills of Martial Arts, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to offer a unique and supportive experience within an Adaptive Martial Arts Program. There are many combined benefits of Martial Arts, Occupational and Speech Therapy. Areas such as coordination, motor development, social interaction, focus, attention, strength, and flexibility can be worked in within the Adaptive classes. To ensure the program supports your child as much as possible an Occupational Therapist, Speech Therapist and Special Educator are involved in the classes regularly. For additional information please visit the Bedford Martial Arts Adaptive page at