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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy focuses on helping children with physical impairments that are impac6ng their mobility,
balance, coordina6on, quality of movement, or age-appropriate gross motor skills to help kids be as independent
as possible, keeping up with their peers in a pain free and safe manner. We work with children and their families
to assist each child in reaching their maximum poten6al to func6on independently and to promote ac6ve
par6cipa6on in home, school, and community/recrea6onal environments. Physical therapists have exper6se in
movement, motor development, and body func6on (strength, range of mo6on, and endurance).

Areas that physical therapy can address include, but are not limited to:
• Muscle weakness
• Balance concerns (increased falls or clumsiness)
• Postural concerns (standing and seated)
• Mobility concerns
• Gait abnormali6es
• Treatment of toe walking
• Coordina6on
• Assessment and treatment of tor6collis and plagiocephaly
• Birth to 3 early interven6on treatment
• Tone management (hyper/hypotonia)
• Other neurological or gene6c condi6ons
• Equipment and bracing
• Kinesio taping for pediatrics
• Dynamic Movement Interven6on (DMI)