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Local Organizations

New Hampshire Parent Information Center – “Providing families and those who work with them with the resources, information, and training they need to help children thrive”

New Hampshire Department of Education – “Provid[ing] a wealth of data and information about the       Department’s programs, services, and initiatives at the fingertips of every citizen” 

NH EASY – Gateway to Services – “Apply now for Cash, Medical, SNAP (Food Assistance), Child Care, Medicare Beneficiary and Long Term Care Assistance”

Speech-Language Pathology

Digital Resources

The AAC Coach – “Empowering you with effective, respectful strategies so you can connect authentically with your AAC learner” 


ASHA’s Developmental Norms for Speech & Language – “A collective resource of norms and milestones for speech-language development” 


Communication Development Center – “The home of everything you have ever wanted to know about gestalt language development” 


Communication Matrix – “Our nonprofit project is devoted to improving outcomes for individuals with complex communication needs around the world” 


The Hanen Centre – “Our mission is to enable parents and professionals to transform their daily interactions with young children to build the best possible lifelong social, language and literacy skills”  


The Meaningful Speech Blog – “Our site is for anyone and everyone who is involved in supporting kids on their language development journey. It is our mission to educate you on gestalt language development and delayed echolalia” 


Newsela – “Committed to bringing authentic, engaging, diverse and accessible content to all learners” 


Peachie Speechie – Videos on articulation, the “R” sound, fluency and language skills 


Rachel Dorsey: Autistic SLP – “My goal is to provide a framework focused on the socio-emotional well-being of your autistic clients, children, and loved ones so that they become self-actualized humans” 


Stuttering Foundation – “We provide free online resources, services and support to those who stutter and their families, as well as support for research into the causes of stuttering” 


Print Resources


The Art of Play


Children’s Speech Sound Acquisition


Declarative Language Handbook: Using a Thoughtful Language Style to Help Kids with Social Learning 

Challenges Feel Competent, Connected, and Understood – by Linda Murphy 


Make Learning Speech Sounds Fun 


Natural Language Acquisition on the Autism Spectrum: The Journey from Echolalia to Self-Generated Language – by Marge Blanc 

Occupational Therapy

Digital Resources

At Peace Parents – “Tools and strategies you need to support a PDA child or child with a hyper-sensitive threat response” 

ADDitude  – “The nation’s leading source of news, expert advice, and understanding for anyone living with attention deficit disorder and related conditions” 

Kelly Mahler & The Interoception Curriculum – “Teach[ing] professionals, caregivers and self-helpers how to use evidence-based supports that facilitate discovery and validation of each person’s unique interoception experience” 

Learn Play Thrive  – “Autism-specific strategies to help your clients participate more fully and joyfully in in their daily activities”

Robyn Gobbel & The Baffling Behavior Show – “Translat[ing] the complex science of the Relational Neurosciences (that’s just fancy talk for the parts of the brain that keep us in connection with ourselves and everyone else) for helpers, healers, educators, and parents and make it practical, useful, ultimately – life changing”

SOS Approach to Feeding: Parent/Caregiver Resources – “A transdisciplinary program for assessing and treating children with feeding difficulties” 

Print Resources

Balanced and Barefoot: How Unrestricted Outdoor Play Makes for Strong, Confident, and Capable Children Paperback – by Angela Hanscom

Co-Regulation Handbook: Creating Competent, Authentic Roles for Kids with Social Learning Differences, So We All Stay Positively Connected Through the Ups and Downs of Learning – by Linda K. Murphy

Physical Therapy

Digital Resources

KinActive Kids – “Giv[ing] parents advice (and a little spice) on all things pertaining to their child’s gross motor development” 

Print Resources

Dynamic Movement Intervention 

Pediatric Shoe Options for Orthotics


Autism Level UP! – “An autistic-allistic partnership leveling UP! society” 

Neuroclastic – “The autism spectrum according to autistic people” 

Two Sides of the Spectrum Podcast – “A twice-monthly podcast where we explore research, amplify autistic voices, and change the way we think about autism in life and in professional therapy practice” 

ICDL, Home of DIRFloortime: Parents & Caregivers – “A not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting each person’s development to its fullest potential” 

Understood – “The lifelong guide for those who learn and think differently”

We Chose Play – Affect Autism – “Helping parents relate and connect with their neurodivergent children”