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child-with-delayed-milestones-bedford-nhChild with Delayed Milestones

Any child’s primary role is to play, learn, have fun and experience the world. This will happen if the child reaches their milestone well without any delays. Developmental milestones are skills such as first smile, first word, the first wave or even the first step.

Every child is unique in the way they develop based on their weaknesses or strength. We at Milestones recognize this fact and therefore have tailor made treatment services that will fit every unique case.

Statistics show that 15% or about a sixth of children aged 3 to 17 years in have delayed milestones. This is to say that the said percentage have not reached their developmental milestones as would be fit. This can be largely avoided if there is early prevention. Milestones is committed to ensure that no child has delayed milestones by offering proper Local early prevention services. Early intervention services are the way in combating delayed milestones.

Milestones Pediatric offers early prevention services such as;

Speech therapy – Clinical programs aimed at improving oral motor abilities and therefore language and speech abilities.

Occupational therapy (OT) – OT is done to ensure the individual has a healthy level of independence in every area of their life. OT will do a lot to ensure that your child has proper cognitive abilities for daily living.

Physical therapy will ensure that any condition that limits your child’s ability to move or coordinate their movements properly is treated. Some children may require longer sessions than other depending on how much impairment has been detected.

Behavioral therapy – Developmental milestones have a lot to do with a child’s behavioral pattern. Children that struggle in their development may exhibit negative aggressive behavior traits, poor tolerance, anger, frustration and so forth.