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Baby with motor activity development delay being stimulated to develop muscle coordination and movement on a bead maze,

Baby with motor activity development delay being stimulated to develop muscle coordination and movement on a bead maze.

At Milestones NH, we believe that every child should be given a fair chance at growing up normally and do everything that a child ought to do; play, learn and experience their environment. This is not so sometimes. About 15%of children in Bedford NH, experience delayed development with almost a third of these having speech problems, families need someone they can trust to give Local early intervention Services.

Delayed Speech Milestones

Children develop uniquely in different areas. Some may reach milestones pretty fast which is a good thing. Our concern at Milestones NH is when children do not reach speech development milestones that a normal child should have reached at a given age.

It is important for parents to be keen with their child’s progress from the onset and seek professional help and intervention.

Milestones provide various local early intervention services that are tailored to suit every child’s isolated need. Our Speech therapy services ensure that the child reaches their milestone normally and helps them overcome challenges that they may face with comprehension and expression at various ages.

Our Local early intervention services for speech developmental delays include the following:

· Speech and language Evaluation. This is aimed at establishing the state of your child’s development in language and speech. We let you know whether they are eligible for speech therapy or other measures.

· Disorder prevention. This ensures that a disorder is avoided or delayed before it starts by identification and treatment.

· Disorder elimination. Speech and sound disorders are identified in their early stages. Their cause is established and they are then eliminated through therapy and treatment.

· Remediation and modification is geared towards improvement of basic communication skills. This is the most common local early intervention service we provide for children with communication difficulties.

· Teaching programs that help the child make up for loss through a disorder.

Our local early intervention services guarantee a holistic development experience for the child and less frustration to the family.