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SPD Help in Manchester

Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD) alphabet blocksSensory processing disorder is a term that generally describes the inability of a child to integrate sensory stimuli from the surrounding in order to make the appropriate response. Some children seem to have trouble handling information taken in by their senses such as sound, taste, touch, smell and sight. Also, a child might be affected in his or her body awareness, movement, balance as well as coordination. Children with sensory disorders can either be under-sensitive or oversensitive to input, or both. This makes it hard for the children to succeed at school.

For instance, children with oversensitive input respond quickly to sensory stimulation and can be overwhelming to them. The children are not able to tolerate loud noises and bright lights. They sometimes refuse to wear clothing only because it feels irritating or scratchy or shoes because to them they feel too tight. To them, surprise touches make them fear and are afraid of swings and playground equipment. The kids have trouble sensing the amount of force they are applying to any object

On the other hand, under-sensitive children want to seek out more sensory stimulation. They may have a constant need to touch feel textures or touch people even when it is socially unacceptable. Their tolerance for pain is extremely high. The children may not understand their own strength or weakness. They also don’t understand their personal space even when they are odd enough to understand it.

There is no medication to treat sensory processing disorder, but there are therapies given to help the child feel and do better in school as well as in life. Milestones Pediatric Therapy Center, LLC located in Bedford NH, offers services that can really help a child in his or her learning. Among the services that they offer include; Occupational Therapy evaluations and treatment, family resources and advocacy and Pediatric Language and Speech Therapy evaluation and treatment.

If you live in Manchester NH or one of the surrounding areas be sure to reach out and schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you, we look forward to helping you.